Tree Removal Services in Danbury and New Milford, CT

If you have a problem tree on your yard, let the experienced team at EML Services provide you with superior tree removal services in Danbury and New Milford, CT. This includes tree risk assessment, tree removal, tree maintenance, and tree trimming. We know how to keep your trees happy and healthy - and when to remove those that may pose a risk to your home or safety. In addition, we also provide emergency tree removal or maintenance so you can rest assured you're in great hands with our team. 

Don't let a problem tree go unchecked, and call EML Services to schedule an appointment! (203) 702-3316


Do you have a potentially dangerous tree on your property? This may be a dead tree, or one that is hanging over the home or other structures. Don't let this problem go unchecked. Our expert team at EML Services will come to inspect your property for potential hazards during our professional tree risk assessment. We will then decide on the best course of action - whether it be trimming branches or removing the tree completely.


Did you recently experience a big storm? Are some of your trees damaged as a result? If you have a fallen tree, hanging branches, or a tree that clearly needs to be removed call our expert team today. We will handle all your tree removal needs - simultaneously removing a safety risk from your property. Rest assured that when you need it the most EML Services is here to the rescue with emergency tree removal services.


In addition to tree removal, we also specialize in keeping the trees on your property healthy. We are experienced in tree maintenance, and know how to handle tree damage. Proper maintenance gives your trees the chance to thrive. This may include installing braces, removing limbs, pruning, trimming, and much more. We also specialize in trimming and pruning services. Trimming at high heights requires professional expertise. Let us help you today!

Let our team at EML Services help you safely remove damaged trees, and keep your existing ones healthy!

Start your tree removal journey today, with EML Services.