Stump Grinding Services in Danbury and New Milford, CT

Removing stumps from your property may not be a top priority. But there is much more beneath the surface! Removing the roots of the tree ensures that it doesn't grow any further. This limits the potential for infestations or infections to flourish - as well as potential tripping hazards that may pop up in your yard. We specialize in stump grinding and removal services. This includes removing as much of the underground roof system as possible - saving you from hassle down the road.

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While you may see just a short stump above ground level, beneath the surface the roots will continue to grow underground, even when the tree has been cut down. These roots can create big challenges over time such as allowing pests or fungus to infect the stump, leading to potentially dangerous spores that can travel into your yard and damage other trees. Leaving stumps to rot can also create a tripping hazard on your property and make lawn care more difficult.


We offer expert, experienced, professional stump grinding services. This is done either by flushing or grinding the stump - ensuring you won't have any debris or roots left over. We can handle all types and size stumps - and will dispose of all leftover wood chips when the stump grinding is finished. We also carry out stump grinding services with the highest attention to safety. This includes ensuring the entire stump is ground down, major roots are removed, and the ground is level. We then apply a level of top soil to allow for lawn growth.

Let our team at EML Services help you safely remove stumps, and keep your yard healthy!

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