Why Are Trees Pruned?

Pruning is an essential service to keep your trees growing healthy and safe in your yard. Why do trees need to be pruned? Learn more about the four common tree pruning situations and why it pays to have a professional prune your trees.

Improved Appearance

Tree branches grow in unusual ways. When you have a single tree standing alone, you may quickly realize that natural branch growth isn’t as attractive or uniform as it looks in a forest. Pruning for appearance involves trimming branches here and there to create a more uniform, attractive look. When done properly this doesn’t affect the health or growth of your tree.

Increased Structural Support

Strong winds, obstacles and other factors can cause a tree to grow in unusual ways. Over time, this can create an unstable tree or branch. Professional tree pruning services take this into account and prune branches before they become structurally unsafe.

Reduced Safety Hazards

Another common safety issue is low branches. Ask a professional to prune branches that hand at eye level to avoid accidental injury. Trimming up the bottom branches allows you to enjoy walking around your tree without fear of harm.

Lowered Crown

The final pruning service is typically done to protect power lines. If your tree is growing near electrical lines, it can increase the risk of damaged lines and loss of power. Professionals typically trim back branches or trim down the crown of a tree in this situation.

Enjoy Professional Pruning Services

DIY tree pruning can harm your tree and put yourself in danger. Don’t risk trimming branches on your own, but work with a professional for safe services that keep your tree healthy. Request an estimate today if you believe your tree needs trimming, or ask an expert to come by and inspect the trees on your property to see if it’s time for a pruning service.