What You Need to Know About Pruning Your Shrubs

Do you have a yard that has lots of shrubs? If so, you likely know how important it is for them to be regularly pruned. Not only does it make your landscape look beautiful and well taken care of, but pruning shrubs can also aid in producing more blooms. However, before you begin snipping away, there are a few things you should know.

1. Don’t Prune in Autumn

It may seem harmless, but pruning in the fall can actually damage your plants, especially if a frost happens to hit earlier than usual. Regardless of the kind of shrubs in your yard, hold off on pruning until they are in dormancy. Late winter and early spring are typically the best times of the year to prune because they help stimulate blooming. However, the ideal season may vary depending on what types of plants you have. A landscape contractor can help you figure out what time of year is best for your yard to be pruned.

2. Maintain Your Shrubs

Pruning shrubs isn’t a one-time project—instead, it should be a process that is ongoing. Throughout the year, have broken or sick branches removed and cut away sprouts that are growing quickly. Outside of your seasonal pruning, be careful not to cut away too much, and instead try to fix only immediate issues.

3. Prevent Dense Shrubs

If you notice that your plants are getting very dense, it may be time to get them trimmed. This is because shrubs need an adequate amount of air circulation and light in order to remain healthy. Too many branches can prevent the plant from receiving these necessities, and should therefore be removed.

Although you might be able to do some basic pruning and maintenance on your own, it is bestto leave it to an experienced professional. Those trained in pruning shrubs have the knowledge, tools and techniques to make sure your landscape is as healthy and beautiful as possible.