What to Know About the Different Landscaping Professionals

When you need to find someone to work on your landscape, you may assume everyone can do roughly the same job. However, there are numerous different landscaping occupations that may be present in any one organization. There is definitely some overlap with each one, but to get the services you need in a timely manner, you want to know precisely who can do what. 

First, there is a landscape architect. This is someone who holds a Bachelor’s degree, and this professional is generally a jack of all trades. Architects need to have a fundamental understanding of the legalities of maintaining certain plants and the city’s building codes. This is someone to call when you need to develop a solid plan for developing your yard. 

Then there is the landscaping contractor. This is the person who oversees the operations of maintaining your lawn. The contractor will bring in other workers to actually come in and work on the flowers and trees. The contractor ensures everyone has a job and that everyone is working on something. 

A landscape designer will have some kind of certification relevant to horticulture. The designer makes sure everything can actually work with the proposed plans. This involves estimating the cost to ensure the customer receives an accurate quote. It also involves suggesting sustainable plants for the area and ensuring there is an adequate drainage system. 

A landscape builder combines the elements of the contractor and designer. The builder can typically do everything from the design process to the actual installation. Before hiring a builder, it is always good to see a portfolio of the individual’s work because you want to be certain this person can handle the massive undertaking of the project. 

No matter who you hire for your landscaping project, you want them to have talent and integrity. You can discover these traits through the initial consultation.