Flagstone is a popular material to use to build a walkway or patio. Each individual slab tends to be square or rectangular in shape. It is visually-stunning and is highly recommended for many residential projects. To ensure you receive the highest quality possible, make sure you hire a landscaping service that is well-versed in laying down flagstone.

One excellent tip is ensuring the area where you want to lay the flagstone has a slight slope to it. When these stones are set on a flat surface, rain can accumulate and deteriorate the stones over time. With a slope, the rain will move away from your patio or walkway, preserving it for longer. In the event the area does not have a natural slope, then you will want to ask the landscaping crew if they can construct one.

Another helpful tip is to determine your budget before allowing the team to set the flagstone. The price of flagstone on its own will only be about $2 or $3 for each square foot. However, the cost of labor and the base materials can increase the cost to anywhere between $15 and $20 for each square foot. The size of your patio will determine how much you will spend. You want to ensure you have enough money saved away to complete the project in a timely fashion. You should even save more money than the initial quote just in case the team runs into unexpected problems with the project.

Finally, you want to ensure the team has the proper tools to cut the flagstone perfectly before setting the pieces in your new walkway.The way to get each slab perfect is to break larger pieces into smaller chunks. Professionals will then finely chisel each slab into each individual piece. While a chisel will help some, it is best to use a hammer at certain points or else the cutting process will take a long time.