The Value of Tree Removal

There are many things that can cause large trees to fall. These include heavy winds and rainstorms, snowfall, destruction of root systems, shallow roots, and inappropriate staking when trees were young. It is possible to recognize that your tree is at risk of falling. You may notice signs such as dead branches that fall from the tree, holes in the tree trunk, missing bark or deep cracks in the bark, and visibly weak or rotten tree roots. If you aren’t watching for these signs, however, your tree could fall, making tree removal a necessity.

How Removal Costs Are Determined

Naturally, the cost of this service may be a concern, so it makes sense that you’d want to know how those prices are determined. There are several factors to take into account:

  • Size of the tree
  • Location of and complications in reaching the tree
  • Condition of the tree and surrounding environment
  • Preferences of the tree removal company

In many cases, the tree care company will provide an initial estimate over the phone and then assess the job in person before giving you a final estimate. At this point, you can determine whether to continue vetting companies or settle on an estimate that you’ve already received. Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better. Reputable companies may charge more, but they turn out to be a better value because of their professionalism and higher-quality results.

What Additional Costs May Be Included

There are a few additional costs for you to factor in the removal service. You may pay more if there are power or telephone lines in the immediate area or if there are dangers, such as high-traffic roads in the vicinity. Stump removal doesn’t factor into the first estimate. This service may double the amount of removing the tree. You may also want to include hauling away and disposing of the tree to your overall cost. Don’t assume that these services are included in the original estimate; it’s best to ask about them specifically. Tree removal is a valuable service, and it’s natural to understand what goes into the pricing of the job.