Signs You Need a Tree Removed

A few trees in your yard can provide privacy, shade and beauty. However, these natural elements in your landscaping can also become a hazard. Explore these signs of a dead or dying tree today and find out if you need to contact professional tree removal services to keep your home and your household safe.

Large, Dead Branches

Check the tree to see if it has particularly large, dead branches. While a few smaller branches aren’t cause for concern, a large branch may unexpectedly fall. If there’s a dead branch in a position to damage your home or endanger a passerby, a tree service provider can safely trim your tree to keep it healthy and safe.

Weak Trunk

A common sign that you need the entire tree removed is a weak trunk. If your tree trunk is hollow, cracked, rotten or otherwise severely damaged, it may already be dead. A dead tree will stand for some years, but its structure continues to decay until it falls with little notice. Ask a local tree removal company to inspect your tree and see if it needs to be trimmed or completely removed.

Unusual Leaning

A naturally leaning tree is typically still firmly rooted in the ground. Even swaying isn’t an issue. However, if a storm has increased the lean of a tree, it may not have a firm foundation. Have a leaning tree inspected to see if its roots are compromised or still holding strong. A compromised tree needs to be carefully removed before it falls completely.

Work With a Professional Tree Service

Don’t let a beautiful tree turn into a liability. Contact a local landscaping or tree removal service team to discuss trees in your yard. Don’t wait until a tree falls and damages your home, but learn how preventative maintenance can promote healthy growth in a tree or make room for another tree to start growing.