Key Elements to Good Landscaping

Do you ever look at your yard and realize it’s time for a facelift? If you think this way, you’re not alone. Many homeowners want to change the aesthetic appeal of their property but don’t know where to start. Landscape design doesn’t have to intimidate you. There are some key principles to help you guide you in making your selections for the ideal yard. Once you know what direction to head, professional landscapers can do the dirty work.

Consider the Space You Have to Work With

The size, shape and layout of your yard will play a big role in what landscaping changes and additions you can make. Some ambitious projects might not be possible due to dimensional constraints you may have. This doesn’t mean you can’t still revitalize your yard. Draw out the area you have, including features you’ll need to move around.

Think About the Types of Plants and Trees You Want

There are limitless types of shrubbery and plants you can add to your yard. Jot down different colors, textures and shapes that appeal to you. This will help you choose the right items. Then, decide where they might best fit on your property. Vibrant colors can add character to your home and yard, while other additions might give the area more charm.

What About Ground Cover?

When you think about a yard, green grass may first come to mind. However, landscape design can also include flowerbeds of bark, mulch or wood chips. Instead of a sprawling lawn, may you’d prefer to xeriscape with rocks or desert plants.

Don’t Forget Other Elements

A thriving garden or peaceful fountain or pond might also work well for your landscaping project. You should also consider terracing in the backyard or lining walkways with flowers.

Good landscape design mostly depends on your preferences and vision for an appealing yard. These ideas can help as you decide how to improve your property.