How to Choose a Landscaper

Adding beauty to your property through well-manicured lawns and thriving gardens is a labor of love and lengthy commitment. For some, landscaping is a hobby that is worth their investment. For others, it is more beneficial to hire a designer or company to help them save time and money. For the plant-loving homeowner, be cautious when selecting your landscaper. There are three things you should consider before you choose.

  1. Are references available? Before accepting advertising measures as full disclosure, inquire about other properties that have used their services. Ask if you can contact them for a reference concerning the work and end result. Be sure to find a property or project similar in scope to the work you are considering for a more realistic expectation. Professionals will stand behind their and willingly accept the scrutiny.
  1. Are they licensed and insured? It is for your safety, the safety of your property, and the well-being of the labor team that you only work with those who are licensed and insured. Check on liability insurance and any additional coverage that may local or state specific to the industry. A local nursery may be able to give some information concerning insurance requirements for landscape companies.
  1. Are they offering an estimate or fixed price quote? There are many variables that determine the cost of a landscaping job. These include labor hours, materials costs, equipment and profit. A lower priced proposal does not always guarantee both the quality and final invoice cost. A reputable and quality company will have a fair estimate of the cost, but will also be able to specify the type of contract and potential additional charges.

If you keep these three questions in mind, you should be able to narrow the field for the perfect landscaper. In fact, Dream Co. offers a solid answer to each of these questions and can offer landscaping services that save your time and money.