Finding the Right Patio Stone for Your Backyard Project

When you look over your backyard, what do you see? Is there anything of interest, or is it just green grass? Many homes have a deck or patio off of their back door that is made of wood or concrete, but have you ever considered patio stone? When installing stone patios, you can choose from several stone varieties to get an interesting and welcoming patio.


Paving stones are traditional and look like bricks. These stones typically come in two colors: red or gray. Despite the square design of the brick, you can choose from several layout options, from herringbone to circular. The more intricate the design, the more labor-intensive and expensive the process.


Fieldstone is a natural patio stone that comes in a variety of neutral colors. Many homeowners like this particular stone because of the textures. Fieldstone designs tend to blend well with plant life and gardens.


Flagstone is large and flat. It is a colorful variety of stone with some pieces coming in deep blue. The big pieces mean that flagstone is best suited for larger patios with a natural aesthetic and less of an intricate design.

Tumble Stone

Tumble stones are small polished stones, and they offer pops of color to an otherwise bland landscape. While you may not want to do an entire patio or walkway with these stones, they are excellent for accent pieces within a design.

Your backyard should be a place you want to be. While grass is often inviting, a patio is welcoming. Patio stone is a splendid way to define a new patio or dress up an old one. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your backyard with some natural stone, then contact a local landscaper to schedule an appointment. They can help assess your property and design a patio that works and balances with your existing landscape.