Stone still captures the imagination when it comes to your landscaping. The beautiful options make it an easy option to customize and personalize to your taste. When you decide to build a stone wall, consider the choices available and select what works best for your land and personality.

Manmade Products

There are many options for building a wall made of stone. Natural stone is only one option discussed below. Other options include matt face, brick, architectural terra cotta, ruggs face, structural clay tile and sand mold face. Each have their own textures, look and color to consider. Some are better suited for planter beds and others have a wide range of versatility.

Natural Grain

The fineness of the grain in natural stone changes the look of the stone. The grain helps define the look of the wall whether around a planter bed or between properties. Rustic is most often used in garden walls. For the best stone wall, select statuary. Other options include select and standard.

Natural Surface

The surface of natural stone impacts the look and cost. For a smooth surface, machined achieves the smoothest with gang sawed following in smoothness. Determine the amount of grooves on the surface with machined tooled, but keep in mind the expense of additional grooves. Some roughness is seen and felt with shot sawed.

Natural Shapes

The style of the wall is affected by the shapes of the natural stones. Flagstone has natural breaks and tends to be flat. Cut blocks or bricks lend a contemporary feel to any design. Or go natural with pebbles and large or small rocks.

Stone Categories

The category of stone you select can greatly impact the available colors and overall cost of your project. Quartzite, marble, gneiss, schist and slate are metamorphic rocks. Traprock and granite are igneous rocks. Limestone and sandstone are sedimentary.

The type of material you use for your stone wall impact more than just the look. The material affects the feel and look. A professional can help you design a wall that is appealing to the eye and stays on budget.