Owning a home means owning a foundation and all the issues that come with it. While not every foundation develops issues, many do and the causes and signs are well known to the best contractors in the business. Here is a look at what you need to know about foundation issues and foundation repair.

Common Causes

Three causes contribute to 90% of foundation problems. The first is loosening soil that settles during construction and causes the foundation to move. This isn’t always spotted and can lead to problems later. The second in erosion of the soil near retaining walls or hillsides. This can cause a slow lean in your home, stressing one side of your foundation more than the other. The final cause is more general and can happen anywhere: shrinkage and swelling of the soil due to variations in water and temperature.

Common Indicators

You can spot signs of foundation trouble both inside and outside your home. Some things to look for include frame separation in your doors and windows, cracked bricks and molding, sloping floors and cracks in your flooring or tile.

The Right Contractor

No matter what caused your foundation issues, the right contractor can identify and correct all but the most severe problems. Some repairs include crawl space stabilization, mud jacking and street creep repair. To find the right contractor, interview multiple companies local to you and search online for customer reviews. You’ll also want to check what kind of repairs a company offers, their certification record and what they charge for a project.

A damaged foundation shouldn’t be left to sit because the longer it goes untreated, the worse it can get. If you see the signs that something is wrong with your foundation then it’s time to contact a foundation repair company in your area. The sooner this is fixed, the less damage your home will suffer in the long run.