Choosing Between a Custom-Built and Store-Bought Fire Pit

Few things compare to enjoying time with family, friends, or having a glass of wine alone sitting next to a fire pit on a relaxing evening and watching the flames dance. Fire pits are more than that! You could cook an outdoor dinner over the fire pit, warm yourself on a chilly fall night, or watch the stars as they move across the sky as the fire pit keeps you warm. You want your fire area to last for many years, so choosing between a custom fire pit and store-bought models may be difficult. Here are some facts to consider.

Back to the Basics

Both types of pits are made of galvanized metal circular containers that rest on a rock, brick, or concrete surface. You can choose containers fueled by gel, wood, pellets, or gas. Make sure you comply with your local fire codes, and no wooden structures are within 10 feet because embers do love to dance on breezes.

Store-Bought Creations

Many big box stores carry fire pits, and you can even order them online. For around $100 you can find a functional unit that is deep enough to keep wayward flames secure. Sometimes a custom fire pit comes with screens, cutout designs, or black paint. There are also portable fire pits that stand above the ground for those that are unable to prepare a patch of ground.

Custom-Built Constructions

Choosing a custom pit over a store pit often depends on how big you want the pit and how deep. A custom design can be as big around as you want and shallow enough to make sure everyone seated around the pit stays toasty warm. Since costs are very comparable for both types of units, your choice may depend on what you want the area to look like.

Adding a custom fire pit to your backyard can be a work of art and a focal point. Have your contractor add seating, a small patio area nearby, or a water garden and enjoy your yard to the fullest. Let your contractor know how big you want the area and begin the project today.