Are Hedges Right for You?

Hedges can be beautiful and multi-purpose, depending on your needs. For some homeowners, it is a way to mark property lines or preserve privacy in suburban neighborhoods where space is limited. In other cases, shrubs, small trees or tall grasses create boundaries for chic outdoor rooms, which can be easily reconfigured if the materials for the living wall are in containers. Before jumping in and heading to the nursery, consider upkeep requirements, the purpose they serve and suitability for the desired location. Consulting professionals can help make sure you enjoy the greenery for years to come.

Some shrubs or tall grasses need a lot of water to thrive, while others flourish in drier soil. Locally based lawn care experts can help you choose the type of plantings that will thrive in the selected area.

Deciduous shrubs have leaves that provide shade during warmer months while allowing light in the cooler seasons. Although flexibility may be what you want, it may not meet privacy requirements once the leaves fall. If year-round privacy is a priority, talk with the landscaper about evergreen options.


Care and maintenance can be time-consuming and frustrating for the novice Hedger. Proper pruning is necessary for hedgerows to look and grow the best. The timing is different for flowering or informal hedges than for the more formal, structured versions. Although evergreens need pruning less often than the deciduous counterparts, shaping promotes healthy growth. Properly maintaining the hedge requires the appropriate equipment and the time to consistently trim, prune and fertilize.


Professional lawn care companies have the expertise to keep hedges clean and healthy. They can shape the greenery and remove the clippings to maintain your lawn aesthetics and deliver a manicured presentation. This can all be done quickly, while you spend time with family. Experts take the work out of the yard, so all you have to do is enjoy the results.