The Best Uses for a Landscaping Company


Unless you live large as a celebrity, you probably do not pay to have a landscaping company perform every little aspect of your lawn care needs. Instead, you can get the most out of your money by hiring a professional during key times in the life of your lawn. Here are four times when you need a professional to do the heavy lifting.


Irrigation Systems

Whether you have just moved into a new home with a yard too big for your garden hose or you have decided you just want the convenience of an irrigation system, then it is time to seek professional landscaping help. Proper installation can prevent issues with over or under watering.


Large Plantings

A new tree or massive bed of varietals needs professional care and installation. Not only can a professional install your new plant in a way that promotes healthy growth, you also prevent accidental injury to yourself from handling such massive projects.


Feature Installation

Similarly to a tree, if you have a large fountain, birdbath or other outdoor feature you want installed, a professional is your best bet. Lawn features in stone, wood, concrete and metal are a great addition to your yard and will last longer when properly integrated into your existing lawn.


Seasonal Cleanup

When spring comes around, most yards are looking a bit shabby form the abuse heaped on them during fall and winter. Professionals know all the ins and outs to cleaning your landscaping in preparation for spring’s new growth. Seasonal lawn care sometimes includes pruning overgrowth and replanting seasonal beds.


Professional landscaping can work wonders on your yard. If you do not want to retain someone to do the job every day, you can still hire a professional to take care of things during key seasons. For big installation projects and seasonal cleanup, a professional always does it better.