Finding Landscaping Inspiration


Homeowners generally want to be proud of their home both inside and out. However, not everyone has a green thumb or an eye for detail, making landscaping a bit more difficult than one may expect when first going into it. If you are trying to find a way to decorate your exterior and just having bad luck or lack of inspiration, here are some places that you can go to get ideas.


A few great sources of information you may or may not have thought of are family and friends. Although they probably aren’t putting together gardens that end up in some of the best magazines, they most likely know you and what kind of style they like. If you have family or friends that has done their own exterior decorating in the past, they can help provide some insight on what works and what doesn’t based on your preferences and how much work you plan to put into it.


Another source of landscaping ideas is social media, specifically Pinterest. For mostly anything crafty, this can be a source of seemingly endless inspiration. If you have no idea where you want to start, simply plugging some keywords into the search can help you get some ideas that you can modify to fit your own unique style.


When you are putting together your ideas, try not to forget about the trees. Most people want at least a few trees in their yards, even if they don’t have room for an entire forest on their land. However, make sure that you are keeping the placement in mind. You want them to get the right amount of sun for them, and not be in a spot where they could be dangerous for the home or drop a bunch of seeds or nuts onto your roof.


Landscaping takes a lot of planning and inspiration. However, when done right, it can really bring out the beauty of your home.