Common Services Landscape Design Companies Offer


Many people enjoy looking at a beautiful yard but not everyone has the time or ability to create their own. One solution may be to hire a landscape designer to create an enjoyable space for you. If you’ve never worked with one before you may be wondering what services you can expect to receive from your landscaping professional. Here are a few many commonly offer.


Design and Installation

There are a number of possible additions to your yard that can require professional installation and it is common for a landscaper to not only offer the yard design, but the building and installation of these features as well. These can include the installation of walkways and patios, water features, and masonry or landscape wall projects as well. Be sure to discuss your desires for your yard with your landscape professional so they can offer you the best options.


Perhaps one of the most commonly thought of service offered by a landscape designer is planting. Many landscape professionals have the knowledge and resources to help you pick the right plants for your yard design and environment. They can make recommendations based on lighting and water needs, as well as your personal style. They may also have a team of professionals who can then carry out the planting process once the foliage has been chosen.


Mulch and Fertilizer

Another service offered by many landscapers is a fertilizing process for your yard in order to keep in nice and healthy. They may also be able to provide mulch when necessary.

As you can see a landscape designer has a lot to offer. Not only can they can design and install a number of items you may be looking for, including walkways and water features, but also help with the maintenance of your yard including any mulching or fertilizer application that may be done. Many landscapers can also help you choose from a wide variety of plants to complete your yard design and will have their team of professionals complete the planting.